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This group is for people who love art that's multidimensional and is created in a vast array of mediums. This wouldn't be considered an "artsy" group though.

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Do you find a lot of paintings in museums a bit on the boring side? If you're like me, you want to have all your senses stimulated. Some people can have that happen for them in paintings. I envy them! :-)

We live in a world that is multidimensional and has been created by a vast array of mediums. We don't need to spend hours in art appreciation classes to see and appreciate our world on a deep level.

This group is for people who want to see, feel, and share art with others. By all means, write and seed your articles, images, videos, projects and ideas. Whether you love sand or ice scuptures, it's art. If you love garden topiaries, sculptures (as the one in the group avatar), that's art. (And by all means, think of art throughout history, such as Stonehenge. The more nature is involved, the better.) You now find brilliant multidimensional art at parks, libraries, malls, and yes, even museums. And then there are the kitchens, resturants and vegetable gardens. The imagination is endless. So is art. And yes, please introduce the group to paintings and photographs. I'm sure none of us have seen them all.

Don't share anything that's of a political, extremely religious or sexual nature. Art is usually sensual and spiritual in some way, but I think most of us know the difference. And of course, every country has had their history and culture of the arts, so we'll discuss religion in that sense.